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We are a group of talented people from different parts of Bulgaria who like to create beautiful and unique things. God gave us talent and we use it as we can! We have special ideas and we create works of art with pleasure. We work when we are inspired. People say we are a bit “preoccupied” and “unusual” but all artists are like that. Life without people like us would have been so much more boring.

We are scared by monotony. We dislike standards and limitations.

We are able to make the world around us colorful.

We have seen how our works fill the eyes of people with joy and change their attitude to the world around. This feeling cannot be compared to anything else!

The majority of products we offer in this store is created by hand and these products are unique. We never compromise quality and we offer only the best! Each of our works is created with a lot of love, desire and imagination. These works of art also have a little part of our souls inside them.

In this store we present items which will make people for whom these were made feel special. These items will create coziness and good atmosphere in your home. We try to provide a level of service which we would expect to receive when we are shopping. If you have a product created by your imagination which you don’t see here, don’t hesitate to share your idea with us. We will try to realize this idea! The crazier this idea is the more we will like it. Every true artist likes to meet this type of challenges. Or ...  as they say “Request and you will receive, seek and you will find!”

Have a great shopping!